Why Mediation?

Alternative dispute resolution, and specifically mediation, allows individuals to closely tailor solutions that fit their specific needs. Mediation addresses a variety of issues that are often overlooked in litigation, mostly because the law cannot take into account things like emotions or personal relationships that fall outside its scope. Mediation allows for a customized solution. Gesher Mediation will facilitate this process for you, helping you to work through conflict to arrive at a place of compromise and agreement.

The Mediation Process

Ms. Gesher will take the time to get to know you and to learn about the reasons that you are considering mediation. She will arrange mediation sessions with all parties, provide a neutral location for the mediation, and conduct mediations at a time convenient for all of those involved. Gesher Mediation has meeting rooms available in San Francisco and Redwood City, however Ms. Gesher is willing to travel throughout the Bay Area.

All parties must sign an agreement to mediate before the mediation can take place.